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The Royal George

The Royal George, a beautiful 26 foot inboard/ outboard Crest Savannah Gold pontoon, is available for your personal cruising. As well as being quiet, stable and beautifully appointed, the Royal George can carry 12 guests in luxurious comfort. The naugahyde seating is better than most livingroom sofas.

Boat Tours Muskoka.


The Royal George sails from the Muskoka Wharf (in front of Boston Pizza) for an 1 hour and 15 minute tour of Muskoka Bay. There is no set schedule for sailing, we sail when you're ready. Interested in Lake Joseph, Rosseau or Lake Muskoka proper? Personal charters can be arranged. A minimum 3 hour cruise aboard the Royal George, can be arranged at any time, either from your dock or from the beautiful Muskoka Wharf.

Master William

Operated by a certified master who has over thirty years experience on the Muskoka Lakes. Licenced by the Department of Transport Canada and accredited from Georgian College, William will regal you with present day stories and amazing anecdotes of the area history. William gives the best tour in the Muskokas.Boat Tours Gravenhurst.


Along with the 1 hour and 15 minute tour of Muskoka Bay, Sunset cruises are also available. Usually reservations are required. Weddings and family reunions are also a specialty. In the Fall touring is limited to weekends and the colours are spectacular. Booking gets tight, so reserve early!

Boat Tours & Charters Muskoka.

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